Thank you Sruli and Mendy for making our chuppah the most emotional, spiritually uplifting, beautiful and memorable experience we could have ever wished for on our special day. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and you were able to make our dreams a reality. The atmosphere you managed to create in the room was tangible. The amount of happy tears shed by most people in shule that day is testament to your incredible musical talent and everyone came up to us after the chuppah to ask who you were. To this day, we still have friends asking us who sang at our chuppah when they or someone they know are planning a wedding! Thank you also for entertaining our guests throughout dinner with fantastic piano music and singing, as well as kicking things up a gear for the Israeli dancing and getting the entire room on their feet!! Thank you once again for everything!


Thank you to Sruli and Mendy for their beautiful, happy, moving and memorable music at our Chuppah last year. The Chuppah was emotional and uplifting. Their voices are heavenly, creating a magical atmosphere. Sruli and Mendy were truly wonderful to work with too.

Thank you guys so much for making our wedding as special as it was... music is everything... 
You guys did our chuppah so beautifully, it was just like my dream! Thanks for learning the songs specifically for us! Your voices are incredible! And the vibe that comes with you guys is the coolest! Thank You Sruli and Mendy!

Sruil and Mendy know how to do a chupa! (and most local bands here do not!) We had the pleasure of having them at our son Gilad's chupa. Not only are they easy to work with and extremely responsible, but most importantly they understand how to manage the music and the flow so that the chupa is really the highlight of your simcha, as it should be. They are talented singers and performers and I highly recommend them.

Such great people to work with and the most beautiful voices. We had them for both the chupa and dancing, and they were phenomenal. Would definitely recommend!